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Gorinto (Kickstarter Edition)

Original price $44.99 - Original price $44.99
Original price
$44.99 - $44.99
Current price $44.99
Players: 1-4
Ages: 12+
Time: 30-40 Minutes

Elements gather energy in unique patterns, challenging you with finding the ideal route to balance and harmony. Can you gain the understanding you need to uncover true elemental wisdom?

Gorinto is a captivating abstract game where you must harness the power of the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void) to build a shrine. You seek balance to earn you the most wisdom, based on a shared pair of goals that changes from game to game. Turns are simple but deep; you simply move a tile from the Path into the Mountain, then collect surrounding tiles based on the collection pattern and the depth of your understanding of that element. Every decision alters the landscape, grows your understanding, and charts your path forward.

This is the Kickstarter edition that includes all the Kickstarter extras, the 3D Gorinto season marker, metal coin start player marker, and Dragon expansion, and a spot-coated game box

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