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Kingsburg (Second Edition)

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Players: 2-5
Ages: 10+
Time: 90-120 Minutes

Kingsburg realm is under attack. Monstrous invading armies are at the door and try to take possession of the kingdom to devastate everything You have been appointed Governor of a border province: you will have to know how to defend and administer it, conquer the sympathies of the members of the Council and the Royal Family to obtain gold, wood, stones and soldiers that will need you for building and defense. But you're not just the other governors will try to get the best for their province you will have to be smarter than all. Erect palaces, fortify defenses, train your army. After a luster, only one Governor will be admitted to the Royal Council, and that governor, you want, you can, it must be you. and over time new lands are annexed, begins the expansion of the kingdom, but ancient and new dangers continue to threaten borders. King Tritus must appoint new Governors to defend and develop the most remote regions of his kingdom. Experts provide new Governors with greater development opportunities for their provinces, more stable connections with the capital of the kingdom allow us to determine more precisely how many troops will come to strengthen their defenses for battles; new challenges await you in this exciting new version of Kingsburg.

Set Contains:

1 main board, 5 counters Province, 14 Lines Alternative Buildings, 21 six-sided dice, 15 counters, 1 Agent of the King, 20 "+2" tokens, 60 goods, 85 building tokens, 30 Troop Request, 16 Capriccio tiles, 1 Season counter, 1 Year counter, 25 Invaders Cards, 24 Governor Cards, 29 Fate Cards, 4 Optional Scenarios, 5 Summary Cards, 1 Regulation

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