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Paper App Dungeon

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Players: 1
Ages: 8+
Time: 60 Minutes

Paper App Dungeon is a dungeon crawler that fits in your pocket! Each notebook features a unique, procedurally generated, 60-page adventure. Armed with your P6 pencil-die, you will collect treasures and other powerful items and fight monsters in short, addictive games.

To play, just roll the P6 and draw a path. Find treasures, buy powerful items, and fight monsters in this pocket-sized dungeon-crawler!

  • INNOVATIVE DUNGEON CRAWLER EXPERIENCE: Dive into the Paper App Dungeon, a unique dungeon crawler game that combines the classic RPG adventure with a portable notebook format. Each 60-page notebook offers a procedurally generated adventure for endless fun.
  • PORTABLE AND ACCESSIBLE: Perfect for gamers on the go, this pocket-sized dungeon crawler fits easily into your bag or pocket, allowing you to embark on thrilling quests anywhere, anytime. Ideal for quick gaming sessions during breaks or travel.
  • ENGAGE IN EPIC BATTLES AND TREASURE HUNTS: Armed with the innovative P6 pencil-die, navigate through dungeons, collect treasures, purchase powerful items, and battle fearsome monsters. Each roll of the die determines your path and fate.
  • ADDICTIVE AND REPLAYABLE: With procedurally generated adventures, no two games are ever the same. The Paper App Dungeon game offers endless replayability, providing fresh challenges and discoveries with every playthrough.
  • A PERFECT GIFT FOR RPG LOVERS: Surprise friends, family, or any RPG enthusiast with this innovative and engaging dungeon crawler game. It's an ideal gift for those who love fantasy adventures but are looking for a quick and easy way to play.

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