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Players: 2-4
Ages: 8+
Time: 20 Minutes

Santorini by Spin Master Games

Build Like A Mortal Win Like a God

Do you have what it takes to join the pantheon of winners? Build like a mortal and win like a God in the game of Santorini! Created by mathematician and educator Gordon Hamilton, this pure strategy game requires players to sharpen their wits! Everyone can gather around Santorini and face-off in a build-to-the-finish.

What's in the box?
  • 22 Bottom Blocks
  • 18 Middle Blocks
  • 14 Top Blocks
  • 18 Domes
  • 6 Builders
  • 30 God Cards
  • 1 Play Board
  • 1 Decorative Cliff
  • 1 Instruction Sheet

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