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Players: 3-10
Ages: 18+
Time: 15 Minutes

Sure, drawing on your own is fun, but have you tried drawing with someone else, using the same pen, at the same time. It's twice the fun!
This is toodles! One pen, Two minds.
Toodles is a hilarious drawing game for 3 or more players.
In Toodles, two players have to collaborate on a drawing, at the same time. By inserting their Toodle wands into the the Toodle Pen Holder they have control of the pen. And have just 30 seconds to draw one of the items selected by a dice roll, on a card. 
Their teammates then need to work out what they are Toodling.
With Easy, Medium and Hard categories, players can win points against another team, or against the game itself, to gauge how terribly, or terrifically they have Toodled.
With hilarious reactions, and ridiculous results. Toodles is ripe for Social Sharing.
Toodles, it takes two, to doodle.

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