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Town 77

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Players: 1-5
Ages: 9+
Time: 15 Minutes

The newest game from the creators of "Shark Alarm!!!", Christoph Cantzler and Anja Wrede. An upgraded version of Oink Games' 2022 release "Town 66", now playable with 1 more additional player and coming with enhanced components.

Whether you enjoy solving the puzzle solo, or have fun strategizing with 2 or more players, this is a board game with puzzle elements that will make you keep saying "One more time!" Now playable with up to 5 players, it's even easier to play with family and at parties.

In a 7 x 7 town, build using house tiles while trying not to put houses with the same shape or color in the same line. The player that places their final house tile last is the winner, but when they choose to empty their hand is left solely up to them. Once your hand size is reduced, it cannot be increases again. If you reduce your hand size too quickly your choices will be limited, but if you don't go fast enough, you'll run out of places to build houses. This game is recommended for players who want to train their brains or enjoy games when you need to think carefully, like "Sudoku" and "crossword puzzles".


  • 49 House Tiles
  • 5 Tile Stands
  • 1 Bag
  • Game Manual

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