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Unlock! The Escape Game: Exotic Adventures

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Little William has been having restless nights recently.
The poor child has been attacked by nightmarish monsters: the boogeymen. Under the cloak of darkness, you open William’s door to look for the monsters.
Be careful: the child is sleeping and it would be unfortunate to wake him up.

A young woman knocks at the door of your PI agency. “My name is Gladys Ungerton. My friend, Ned Malone, has gone missing. You probably heard about him: he is one of the members of Prof. Challenger’s expedition! They recently returned from the Lost Valley full of strange creatures. I just received this notebook and this odd message. I don’t understand a word of any of it. Can you please go to the offices of Prof. Challenger? If you are true to your reputation, you will bring Ned back to me!”

Princess Scheherazade is in great danger. In an hour, she must tell one last story to the Sultan to save her life. Unfortunately, she is out of ideas. So, she asked her friend the scribe to help her, but he didn’t show up at the appointed time, and now the princess may very well end up in the hands of the executioner. Prisoner of the palace, she begs you to find the scribe and bring him back as soon as possible with a tale…

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