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A.D.A.P.T. 5 in 1 Expansion Pack

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FIVE expansions in one that upgrades your game from a 2-3 player game to a SIX player game!

Red “Cephalopod” Expansion Pack – Add cuttlefish powers, octopus tentacles, and squid parts!
Green “Reptile and Amphibian” Expansion Pack – Slip your dolphin inside a turtle shell and add frog legs!
Blue “Fantasy” Expansion Pack – Play as a leviathan with the shape-shifting skin of a water elemental!
Black “Bio-Meck” Expansion Pack – Bio-mech – Turbines, Exosuits, & Lasers!
Yellow “Guppy” variable player power Expansion Pack – Every guppy has a mutagenic power that now remains the whole game; such as Regenerate, Counterattack, or the ability to Reverse Time. (yeah, some cool guppies in there!)

Every card in all 5 expansion packs, like the core game, is unique.
This is an expansion (…or 5), and is not a stand-alone game.
Each deck introduces new abilities unique to the creatures presented.
Each deck contains thematic guppies designed to be pitted against each other.
Each expansion can be shuffled in solo or all together with the rest.
When shuffled together they keep the exact same “body-to-part” ratio of the core game, and enables over 7-billion new fish-build possibilities!
Fits inside your core game box if you decide to store your dice elsewhere, OR keep your new meta deck in the core box and use the tuckbox to store the 21 dice. …Yes, even your storage adapts.

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