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Players: 2-5
Ages: 12+
Time: 20 Minutes

Bites Board Game
New version of the Spiel des Jahres Recommended Big Points with a new theme, more engaging components, and rule tweak cards to make sure every play is different.

Highly interactive with no direct conflict. Players move ants along a trail and collect food as they go. However, the value of that food depends on how the other ants move. Shared incentives mean you are always trying to figure out what the other players are up to. Variable "rules cards" tweak the rules to every game so that each play is fresh.

2-5 players | 20 min time to play

Designed by Brigitte Ditt, Wolfgang Ditt | Illustrated by Anca Gavril, Filip Gavril

Bites Game Overview

During setup, a trail of food is laid out. On each player’s turn, they can move any ant to the next food in the trail that matches their color (red ant to apple, purple ant to grapes, etc). Then the player takes the food token directly in front of or behind the ant, saving it to score at the end of the game.

However, players don’t know for sure how much the food is going to be worth until the matching ant makes it to the ant hill at the end of the trail. This creates shared incentives as players work together to advance some ants and hold others back.

Double Bites Tokens

Besides the game play, these tokens are the thing in Bites that I am most proud of. No one has ever done something quite like this in a board game. Dual layer tokens, where both layers are die cut, so the food doesn't just have the appearance of being 3 dimensional. The tokens are truly 3 dimensional.

Along the way, players also have the chance to pick up chocolate, which can be turned into special actions, and wine, which provides a way to score bonus points.

Bites Rule Cards

These cards are what takes the game from good to great. They change the game from a fun interactive puzzle into a fresh experience every time. The highly interactive game gives you space to explore different strategies with different players. You can test and stretch the interactions to see how your opponents respond. And then you can try the same thing in your next game to see if they respond differently this time.

There are four decks of cards that define the rules for the game. Each game, one card is chosen from each deck to provide a unqiue combination. Players have to adapt their strategy to the actions the other players are taking and the unique rules for this game. Your actions will change the incentives for the other players. Can you manage these cascading effects to collect the most valuable food collection?

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