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Players: 2-4
Ages: 10+
Time: 60 Minutes

Divinus is a competitive, legacy, tile-laying, digital hybrid game in which you play as a demigod seeking to gain the favor of the Gods and ascend to a new pantheon. Players embark on a twelve-scenario campaign that will see them exploring lands, completing quests, interacting with Gods, and impacting the outcome of the epic clash between Greek and Norse pantheons.

  • DIGITAL HYBRID AND LEGACY GAMEPLAY: Embark on a unique gaming experience with Divinus, a competitive legacy game that blends traditional tile-laying strategy with cutting-edge digital app integration. Play as a demigod vying for a place in a new pantheon.
  • EPIC TWELVE-SCENARIO CAMPAIGN: Dive into a grand campaign spanning twelve scenarios, where your decisions impact the riveting clash between the Greek and Norse pantheons. Explore lands, complete quests, and interact with gods to shape your destiny.
  • DYNAMIC TILE-LAYING MECHANICS: Master the art of tile-laying as you strategically match features and complete quests to build your demigod's power. Each scenario unfolds new elements, ensuring a constantly evolving and engaging gameplay experience.
  • IMPACTFUL DECISIONS VIA APP: Utilize the Divinus app to make decisions that have lasting effects on your demigod and the game world. Your choices permanently influence the narrative and gameplay, offering a deeply personalized journey.
  • INFINITE REPLAYABILITY POST-CAMPAIGN: Even after completing the campaign, Divinus offers infinite replayability with a copy of the game that retains all changes made during your adventure. Enjoy a fresh experience with evolving rules and content for endless fun.

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