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Rotating Heroes

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Rotating Heroes brings in guest Dungeon Masters to guide you through a single-session campaign. No experience needed! 

Here's what you get
-90 minute D&D session (no advanced prep required from you)
-7 count dice set for you to keep
-1 drink ticket good for any beverage valued up to $7
-10% off any D&D merchandise purchase including books, dice, & accessories

We are running 3 campaigns during each session. Upon arrival, you can choose any of the following campaigns. Each campaign is limited to 6 players.
Session 1 (12:30pm - 2:00pm):

The Beach Trip - System: Trash Friends -  It’s summertime and our group of loveable trash friends are off on their trip to the beach!  The beach has always been a trash spewn wasteland since the state closed it down in the 80’s, meaning the perfect summer spot for our critters.  But what’s this, the beach is closed due to “developers” and is going to be turned into “luxury condos.”  Isn’t the beach luxury enough?  Now our trash friends have to find a way to shut this deal down pronto or this will be the last beach trip ever!
A Hundred And Four Days of Summer Vacation - System D&D 5e - The party has had some time off from adventuring, just relaxing doing nothing but hanging around the tavern. And then they realize that they've wasted their down time! They need to cram three months of summer vacation activities into four days. Dangerous beaches, rickety dwarven mine cart roller coasters, and all!

Vampire the Masquerade 2: Electric Boogaloo. System: World of Darkness (Crossover) - You and your buddies have graduated Supernatural High. It's time to throw one last rager of a party before all of you go your separate ways. But we gotta dream bigger than ever before, aim higher. Can a group of vampires, mages, mad scientists, and other supernaturals throw the greatest party of all time?
Session 2 (2:30pm - 4:00pm):
A Vacation to Remember - System: Call of Cthulthu - Summer has arrived and a group of post college friends get everyone together for one last trip to the remote Canadian wilderness. But this trip is not like the other, as a carefree trip turns into a nightmare as our characters fight for survival.
Whodunit - System: DnD 5e - The wizard, Whudunit, has crafted a most sinister series of dungeons. That is stocked with deadly traps that only wit and knowledge can guide someone through. Horrible puns, so bad they can threaten the sanity of the most strong willed of heros. And monsters (All dungeons need those!) 'The Wizard, Whudunit' is a fast paced light hearted module aimed at the more humorous sides of adventuring. Players will be provided a plethora of unorthodox champions to pick from.
It's Lunch Time! - System: Seagull Simulator the RPG. The aroma of fish and chips wafts through the air, a young child drops their ice cream cone, a chatty and distracted vendor sits waving a homemade sandwich...all this food could be yours, but how easy will it be to get?
Game on, nerds.

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