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F.L.O.W. Fantasy League Of Wrestling RPG (FLOW)

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Players: 2-8
Ages: 12+
Time: 60-90 Minutes

A full color, 70 page cover to cover rule book for the Fantasy League of Wrestling role-playing game.

What is F.L.O.W?

F.L.O.W. or Fantasy League of Wrestling is a co-narrative, player vs player, RPG, fantasy wrestling game with a focus on combat. Basically, imagine if Lord of the Rings had an 80s phase and really got into pro wrestling. The world of F.L.O.W. combines fantasy tropes with 80's charm and pro wrestling shenanigans to create a unique universe to play in. Big hair, 80s music, neon tights, pointy ears and over the top wrestling moves are what F.L.O.W. is all about!

What is a Co-narrative, Player vs Player, RPG?

Unlike traditional tabletop RPGs, F.L.O.W. does not have a game master that is dictating the story. Each player gets to help create an epic story of pro wrestling triumph and defeat. While you are trying to win games, also known as matches, the main goal is to tell a good story with your fellow players. Using the best possible stat every time is a sound strategy, but does it tell an exciting story? Your goal while playing F.L.O.W. should be story first, winning second.