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Freight Cars

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Players: 2-4
Ages: 8+
Time: 20-45 Minutes

Freight Cars | Puzzle Delivery Game | Quick Simple Fun Games

Do you have what it takes to seize the rails?

Freight Cars is set in the not-so-distant future where corporations have superseded governments for global control. With the dawn of improved mag-lev technology, competition on the high speed railways of America is fierce.

Will you be the next mag-lev magnate?

Players take the helm of a grand shipping company delivering produce to the north, lumber to the south, and oil and coal coast to coast.

A new style of train game that's fun for all!

Earn the most credits by efficiently shipping trainloads of goods, satisfying the demands of America’s cities, and taking advantage of your Corporation’s specialty. You'll make deliveries using Tetris-style pieces in a quick, simple, fun game.

Freight Cards
The five resource types each have their own individual train design, unique to the type of resource being shipped. Each Freight card has between 10 and 13 spaces you need to fill with goods—represented by the puzzle pieces.

Corporation Cards
Each company has a speciality that awards extra credits based on the deliveries you make. Lansing Shipping Inc. deals in tech, Big Bear Shipping Inc. works with oil, and Orchid Shipping Inc. will give you credits for everything you can send!

City Cards
Cities will pay top dollar for necessary resources, but you have to get them there first! St. Louis needs livestock and oil, Detroit needs oil, medicine, and livestock, and New York City needs oil and medicine. Can you deliver the goods on time?


  • 64 Freight pieces in 4 player colors
  • 50 Freight cards
  • 21 Corporation cards and 21 City Demand cards
  • 4 train meeples and 1 End of Game card
  • 1 rulebook, 1 score board, and 1 active player standee

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