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Phase 10

by Mattel
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  • Rummy-type card game from the makers of UNO
  • Phase 10 is an easy family game for all
  • Can be played by 2-6 players at a time
  • Includes 108 cards and instructions
Brace yourself for a super-fun game night of playing Phase 10 with your family. This classic card game, designed for 2 to 6 players, combines elements of skill, strategy, and a dash of luck as you strive to complete each of the ten phases. But here's the twist: the phase to be completed is specified. Only the players who complete get to move on to the next. Besides, the deck features 'Wild' and 'Skip' cards like in UNO to keep everyone on their toes! Phase 10 is an engaging and competitive game that promises endless hours of fun for players of all ages. Gather your friends and family, shuffle the deck, and get ready to experience the excitement of Phase 10 at your next game night.

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