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Players: 2
Ages; 8+
Time: 15-45 Minutes

Quin is an abstract tabletop strategy game, taking place in a sci-fi quantum realm. Players control a variety of quark particles, 17 on each side, made of 9 types, each with distinct speed, powers and capture abilities. The goal of Quin is to reach First Sight, Center, with your Light, or to capture your opponent's Light.

Your pieces are always faced away from your rival, making deception and memory two of the most important skills in play. Use a piece's special abilities - like Memory that swaps places with another piece, Time that can move an opposing piece backward, Peripherals that can circle the sides of the board, or Shadows that reach far and capture everything - and you risk revealing your strategy. In Quin, your choices, and how well you know your rival, are what determine your fate.

The magnetic Quin board is based on a traditional grid, if you can imagine that grid warped into a circle by a black hole. As such it is made of 5 Sight Lines, crossing the board at the center, 8 gold Rings, a Horizon Line, and the Iris. The Iris is just 2 spaces around the center, where most pieces have to pass if they want to get to the other side, and it is a neutral zone, where powers don't work. In the middle of it all is First Sight, Center, and the goal of the game.

It's only 5 moves to center, from the start, but you'll never take the same route twice. Awaken your Memory, look out for the thief of Time, and beware the Shadows - they're far faster than Light.

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