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Ridiculous Expositions

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Players: 2+
Ages: 17+
Time: 30 Minutes

Ridiculous Expositions is the word game that seems innocent, sounds indecent and sure is good for hours of naughty laughs.

Two teams compete to discover which saucy expressions lie beneath the surface phrases. Watch your friends sound out dirty phrases without even realizing it! But that’s not all. Each round, there’s a Swinger. This smooth lady or gent gets the chance to take one (or a few) for their team by stealing any unsolved cards during the round. Whoever’s got the biggest stack at the end of seven rounds wins the game.

  • A game night gem of naughty laughs with adult friends
  • Combination of word puzzles with phonetic phrasing with salaciously fun results
  • The Swinger adds another layer to the competition and helps set the mood


  • 400 Game Cards 
  • 1 Timer

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