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The Root Beer Float Challenge

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Players: 2-8
Ages: 8+
Time: 30 Minutes

The Root Beer Float Challenge is a get-off-your-couch family party game where players take turns competing in various Solo, Cooperative, and Head-to-Head challenges. Complete the challenge successfully and get an Ingredient card, blow it and end up empty handed. The first player to build their Root Beer Float is crowned the Root Beer Float Challenge Champion!

  • Approachable and fun for large groups - learn to play in under 5 minutes.
  • Unique tin packaging in the shape of a Root Beer Can.
  • 120 exciting "minute-to-win-it" challenges played as solo, head-to-head or cooperative.
  • Timeless gameplay that's fun for both kids and adults.


  • 120 Challenge Cards 
  • 80 Ingredient Cards 
  • 4 Plastic Straws 
  • 2 Foam Cherries 
  • 1 Giant Ping Pong Ball 
  • 1 Giant Tin Root Beer Can 
  • 1 Game Die

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